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My first encounter with a dog was at age three or four when a Shih Tzu ran after me for miles and my sister ran after the Shih Tzu. What a beast!!
Little did I know that my fear would turn into eternal love for animals and that my best friend & my emotional savior would be a Shih Tzu from a pound at age ten. That is how my love affair started and as I grew older, so did my abilities and my connection to animals. But it wasn’t until the spirit of a beautiful horse named cowboy that I truly understood that I also have a spiritual connection to animals. Through helping his owner, my friend Denise, I realized my body and mind had surrendered to his spirit and I was to be his voice and messenger. From then on my journey become clearer,  and today I am a proud member of a non-profit organization called Voicesout. Our aim is to provide a voice for children and animals in neglectful, abusive and abandoned conditions. Through my abilities I connect to understand  their fears to be able to heal and provide a safe and loving environment for them.  I dedicate this to Cowboy, for he is the reason I found my voice. 

Dedicated to Cowboy
Photo Credit: Bristol Macdonald