Kind Words From Clients & Friends

'I was in the darkest time of my life. Going through a divorce with twins that were two years old. I felt broken, alone, & so scared. I didn't trust anyone & honestly lost hope in everything. 95 pounds and ready to give up. When I saw Shinka, I didn't need to ask for help because she took me under her wing & showed me the road I was on & where I was heading. She told me I have a choice. I can change what I was creating as my future for something bright. It took work on my part to be where I am today...which is a happy, healthy woman ready to deal & heal. But, I would never be able to be this person without Shinka's ability to see what was ahead. Her gifts are endless & her soul shines...I love her and appreciate her everyday for all that she does and continues to do for me and my family.'

 'I came to Shinka in a time in my life that was full of change and uncertainty.  Our session together brought me unexpected revelations and gave me the clarity to look beyond my worries and fears and go on with my life with confidence and embrace the changes ahead.  Her kindness and ability to communicate her visions were life changing.  I look forward to more sessions with her and I know my life will be better every time I’m blesses to spend time with her.'

'I wasn't someone who believed in a higher power or that anyone could see the future until I met Shinka. I was losing my company and dealing with financial issues that came overnight after the passing of my father. I was told specifics on who to fire in regards to legal council and to who hire. Within a year, my life changed. I started a new company thanks to Shinka and her ability to speak to those that have passed and were guiding me. My sleepless nights became a time to celebrate. And from this day on I know that without Shinka, none of this would have been possible. Thank you again and again and again.'

'The three years ago I had a very bad fall and I could not move my right arm and had no feeling in my legs. Doctors told me that I had MS, but I did not believe them. I went to Shinka, she felt my body and told me I did not have MS, but rather suffered from an infection in or near my spine & with therapy I would regain feeling and movement, which happened! I believe with her spiritual powers and healings, she is a wonderful human being'

'Dear Shinka,
There is a saying, "Certain people enter your life for a reason". I became a very strong believer in that quote when you entered my life. There was a time where I felt like there was no escape or no way to cope with everything going on around rne. I never got a chance to express myself to you and to tell you what an effect you've had on me until now.

Starting at a young age I have been put into many difficult situations and was forced to grow up and take charge of situations that I wasn't ready for. I rever found comfort in telling people because it didn't change them or take my problems away. I will never forget how one morning I came into work sad and lonely. I went to my desk and quietly began working until you came in and said good morning. The conversation started with what we had for breakfast and ended with tears. At the time, I wasn't aware that you have this gift of spiritual healing but I found it so easy to pour my heart to you and express how I felt. From that conversation to now it has been three years and my life has taken a complete turn. You helped me find myself and understand my place in this world. You showed me how my past influenced the person I had become and helped me better my future. You guided me with the choices I made and brought me to realization with my inner self. I still face obstacles on a daily bases but what makes them different now is that I know how to cope with them better. You healed the scars left in my heart and saved me from myself.

Today I am finally at peace and can look into the mirror and see a strong girl. You saved my life! Shinka, a thank you is not enough. My appreciation comes with the steps I take after our talks. I wish everyone in the world could experience what I experienced through you. I will end this letter the same way we end our talks, with hugs and kisses.'


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